Ronald Reagan Avon

Cubic Yds of Earthwork
Feet of Storm Sewer
Feet of Water Main
Feet of Sanitary Sewer

The Town of Avon has hired Gradex as the prime contractor for this project which upgrades the existing (2) lanes of pavement on Ronald Reagan from US-36 to CR-300 to (4) lanes. The project utilizes a relatively new construction method called Full Depth Reclamation.  This process recycles the existing pavement material, adding liquid asphalt into the mix, and re-compacting it back down.  It reduces the amount of excess material being hauled away from the project, as well as reduces the amount of new asphalt being laid.  This project also incorporates a brand new storm sewer system, which is being installed by Gradex.  The project is slated for completion at the end of 2016.

  • Category: Government / Roadwork